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Franchising allows you to quickly capitalize on your knowledge and experience while others fund new openings and distant operations. Our team of franchise consultants have decades of real time franchise development, operations and marketing experience. YFT will provide you with precise and proven methods to cost effectively create, develop and/or market your new franchise concept.

The principles at Your Franchise Team's (YFT) decades of franchise development experience, work with top notch franchise attorneys and are experts structuring LOW COST, HIGH QUALITY Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) which will both protect your intellectual property and yet be marketable to appropriately qualified entrepreneurs. Our marketing consultants and TOP TIER legal franchise counsel will ensure that every aspect of your business is properly reflected in the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), Franchise Agreement and other related documents.

Franchise Fundamentals Program

The services outlined below are provided by our franchise consultants. Many of the services provided below are inclusive under our Franchise Fundamentals Program. Our Franchise Fundamentals Program compliance services include:
  • Register all Trademarks, Service Marks and/or Patents.
  • Form Independent Franchise Corporation.
  • Select Officers and Personnel Associated with Franchisor.
  • Make decision regarding:
    a. Franchise Fees
    b. Royalties
    c. Advertising Fees
    d. Formula for Protected Territory
    e. Term of Franchise
    f. Training Program
  • Decide Whether You Will Sell:
    a. Individual Franchises.
    b. Area Franchises.
    c. Sub-Franchises.
  • Prepare Franchise Agreement and Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).
  • Prepare a Confidentiality & Non-Competition Agreement.
  • Prepare an Iron Clad Security Agreement.
  • Establish Reporting Requirements and Performance Standards
  • Establish Site Requirements and Specifications
  • Register/file Franchise Documents in Applicable States.
  • Design and Prepare Marketing Brochure.
  • Assist in the Training Program Formulation.
  • Write Compliant Advertising Copy for Your Franchise Sales.
  • Provide Consultation Support for Six (6) Months or Longer.
Optional YFT franchise development services include:
  • Prepare a Professional Operations Manual Development.
  • Prepare a Area Developer Agreement (ADA).
  • Prepare a Area Representative Agreement.
  • Prepare a Master Franchise Agreement.
In this process Our experienced YFT franchise development consultants will assist you to:
  • Eliminate Numerous Unnecessary Expenses.
  • Avoid Costly, Possibly Devastating Franchising Mistakes.
  • Pay for Your YFT Franchise Development in as little as ONE OR TWO FRANCHISE SALES!
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