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A Guide to Franchising

We have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs just like you that were looking to franchise their business. While other consultants will promise you instant success, and will attempt to convince you that you have to pay them HUGE fees to safely and effectively franchise your business, we will provide you with honest and very accurate advice to help you franchise your business affordably.

The following are the basis 20 steps to franchising... and regardless of what other tell you, you do NOT have to spend a fortune up front to have all you need to properly franchise!

  1. Register all Trademarks, Service Marks and/or Patents.
  2. Form Independent Franchise Corporation.
  3. Select Officers and Personnel Associated with Franchisor.
  4. Make decision regarding:
    a. Franchise Fees
    b. Royalties
    c. Advertising Fees
    d. Formula for Protected Territory
    e. Term of Franchise
    f. Training Program
  5. Decide Whether You Will Sell:
    a. Individual Franchises.
    b. Area Franchises.
    c. Sub-Franchises.
  6. Prepare Franchise Agreement and Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD).
  7. Register/file Franchise Documents in Applicable States.
  8. Design and Prepare Marketing Brochure.
  9. Write Operations Manual.
  10. Formulate Training Program.
  11. Write Advertising Copy for Franchise Sales Program.
  12. Choose Media for the Placement of Advertising.
  13. Place Franchise Ads.
  14. Respond to Franchise Inquiries.
  15. Conduct Interviews/provide Marketing Material and Franchise Documents Disclosure.
  16. Complete Document Closing and Collect Fees.
  17. Find Locations.
  18. Train Franchisees.
  19. Assist the Franchisee in the Opening of the Units.
  20. Support Franchisees and Collect Royalties.
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